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Speed is one thing but accuracy is devastating. Acquire laser like precision so your knockout punches count

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• Ultra light speed mitt for precision work
• Premium leather outer layer, treated for water resistance
• Unique shape to maximise strike area while minimising weight
• Micro Quad Core system for weight management, comfort and performance
• HD cup for better hand position and reduced joint stress
• Neo Gel for reduced fatigue and increased protection
• Gel Fusion for strike energy management and increased endurance
• Hook and loop wrist strap for increased mitt stability
It's the process of elimination that ensures we use only the best materials for our products, providing you with high quality, long last equipment, every time.

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Aim small miss small

The bullet of a sniper is silent to the victim. Develop sniper-like accuracy in your boxers and their opponents will be in the after life before they know it

Who said holding pads was easy?

Hands, shoulders and joints cop a battering over a lifetime. Injuries cost you more than your career, they can affect you livelihood. Viper is more than a great mitt; it's an investment in your future.